Painter Decorator Telford

A highly recommended painter decorator, I undertake interior painting, and wallpapering in or within 25 miles or so of Telford, Shropshire and my customer reviews confirm I'm meticulous and provide a value-for-money, high quality service.

Multi coloured paint splash

My quality and cost guarantee

Should a job take less time than I've quoted my invoice is reduced accordingly and if it takes longer due to my error in estimating, there's no extra cost to you.

Any materials I buy on your behalf are passed on to you at cost and supported with third party receipts.

If you spot anything I've done that you're not happy with either whilst I’m there or after completion, I’ll arrange to return and make good at my expense.

Whether you want to just brighten up a room, decorate your property prior to selling or renting or a completely new look, please contact Painter Decorator Telford, for a free quotation.

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